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What was on the table in October?

November 7, 2016

We had a good month of gaming in October.  It was mostly short games, many of which got played multiple times, so that we have had, for the first time, an average number of plays per game a little above 2.  Our total number of plays was 37, our second highest of the year, and that was of 17 different games, which is also a very respectable count.


There was also bamboo. And a panda.

We had a couple of get-togethers with other families for gaming afternoons, which was great, and always helps keep things ticking over.

The thing that pleased me most from the month is our most-played game, which was Cribbage, on 5 plays.  This is a traditional card game with somewhat arcane and bizarre rules, but is one of my favourite games of all time, and one which I may well have played more than any other in my life.  On a whim I offered to teach it to Miss B, and she enthusiastically accepted and then picked up the rules far more quickly than I did when I was a kid.  It is now becoming one of her favourites and she is starting to get the hand of the tactics in the game, so she will start winning more often soon.

The other games we played more than once were BraveRats, Push It, In a Bind, and Giftmas with the Grimms (one of my prototypes) on 4 plays each, plus All Hands on Deck, Cockroach Poker, Hnefatafl, and TiddlyWinks all on 2 plays.

And that leaves us with our three top games for the year stretching their lead over the rest of the field, but staying in the same position relative to each other: Push It keeps its nose ahead with 16 plays, closely followed by BraveRats on 15, and In a Bind, which only had its first play in June with a strong 13 plays.  Next up is the mighty little tin that is ‘6’, which has still been played 9 times this year.

It looks like we have three plausible candidates for this year’s crown, and only two months left to see which comes out on top — or if we get a sudden surge from an outsider.

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