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What was on the table in May?

June 20, 2016 2 comments

Oops! I was late last month, and even worse this time around.  Must do better.

Anyway, Miss B and I played 14 different games in May, with a total of 20 plays, so our least gamey month so far this year in both respects.  But one of those games was the enormous Runebound, which we played across two days, so that makes up for it quite a lot.


See? Runebound! 2nd edition works just fine for us, and I don’t feel a need to get 3rd yet.

Our multiple played games were 6, Murder of Crows, The Metagame (playing in “Timelines” style), and Treasures of Atlantis (one of my own designs and still a work in progress), all on two plays a piece, and former favourite Sleeping Queens, back from the Twilight Zone with three plays.

That leaves our annual totals with BraveRats steady on six plays, 6 on seven plays, and our first game to get into double figures this year, Push It on ten plays.

So we’ve been slowing down a bit, but the games come out from time to time and they are still fun.  We are still getting some new games in as well (see The Metagame and Murder of Crows above), so there may well be some more write-ups coming.  Right now it’s all about going with the flow.



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