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The 2015 TaG Award: The Shortlist

August 7, 2015

Miss B reminded me the other day that we haven’t done something that we have done at this time for the last few years, and that is starting off a contest for the coveted and prestigious Training a Gamer Award (previously the Golden Game Award, and before that the Golden Thingummy). She’s right, of course, so here we go with the fifth annual award…

And the nominees are...

And the nominees are…

We’re running the same format that we have run for the last few years, which is clearly superior to other, rival awards. We don’t do the wimpy stuff like having panels of industry experts playing the games dozens (or hundreds) of times. No, we just select four games we like and play pairs of them off against each other to find out which is most fun. The process is scrupulously scientific, with Miss B having the last say in all decisions.

The first two games for this year’s contest were chosen by Miss B…

Catacombs was selected instantly, being the game that has generated the most buzz over the last few weeks. I think that if the game didn’t take so much setting up, we’d be playing it every day. This is going to be a tough game to beat.

After a bit of thought, Miss B also selected The New Dungeon, a game that is thematically similar but mechanically couldn’t be more different. We don’t play it very often, but we always have fun with it, so it’s an excellent choice.

I then added my choices, which needed to be negotiated and vetted with Miss B, but it didn’t take long before we had two more games that we could both be enthusiastic about…

The Witches is a rather nice little game based on the works of the late, great Terry Pratchett, that doesn’t get much play here, but I think reflects its theme very nicely and we both enjoy playing, so this is a good excuse to get it out again.

Lift Off! Get Me Off This Planet is another recent game that is just generally fun, but we both feel that we should play more often. And it has the cutest alieneeples.

So, that’s the runners and riders. We’ll have a round of playing one of her choices and one of mine in the same session and deciding which of those is best, then one final game-off between the winners of the first round. Expect the reports over the next few weeks…

We need to come up with some sort of logo that publishers can print on the front of their games, so they can show off their membership in an extremely exclusive club.

  1. August 11, 2015 at 8:14 pm

    May I suggest a few ideas?

    You could have TAG WINNER written in golden lettering and a blue band across a trophy?

    • Rob
      August 11, 2015 at 8:53 pm

      Great idea. 🙂 It would be cool to see that on a box some day, wouldn’t it?

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