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Ten by ten in fifteen

December 29, 2014

Each year there is a challenge on BoardGameGeek to play at least ten games at least ten times each throughout the year. There are two variations of the challenge: the “normal” one is just play some games, while the “hardcore” version requires you to declare which games you will play in advance (plus an additional game which allows you a little wiggle room). Obviously which games you choose will affect how difficult the challenge is: it would be easy to play 10 games of Coup through a year, but Twilight Imperium 3? Not so much.

Our  hardcore challenge selections for 2015. Photography and composition by Miss B.

Our hardcore challenge selections for 2015. Photography and composition by Miss B.

Anyway, Miss B and I have decided to enter the 2015 challenge as a team, using the hardcore rules, and we have chosen the games that we intend to play. Most of these are fairly quick games to play, but it will still take some organising to get through them, particularly as some of the games either require, or are best with more than two players.

And so, without much more ado, I give you our list of 11 games, in no particular order other than this is the order Miss B wrote them down…

  1. Dobble
  2. Plyt
  3. Love Letter
  4. Empire Express
  5. Apples to Apples
  6. A Piece of Cake
  7. Gubs
  8. Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck
  9. Dungeon Roll
  10. Timeline
  11. Backgammon

If we manage to play ten of those eleven games at least ten times, we will have succeeded!

I’ll report on our progress as part of our monthly updates. This will, of course, skew our statistics somewhat, but it’s not like we’re doing any scientific experiments here, is it?

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