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Gaming in September

October 3, 2014

September was a bit of a bumper month for gaming, helped along by a trip to the Thirsty Meeples boardgame cafe as well as a games morning visit from a couple of our local friends.

Piece o' Cake: probably our game of the month, and high on our list of games to play when we have more than just the two of us.

Probably our game of the month, and high on our list of games to play when we have more than just the two of us.

So, what was the score? Well, not our best monthly score for this year, but very close, and better than this time last year: 23 plays of 17 distinct games. That means a few games being played more than once. First of these was Piece o’ Cake, with 4 plays, followed by Miss B’s homebrew Tumbling Towers with 3 (different rules each time, but that’s the nature of game development!), and Appletters with 2 plays (I’ll see if I can get a verdict and write-up for this soon). Other plays of note were Dragonlance (written up last week), the bonkers Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs, and wooden-porcuhog-stacking game Prickly Pile-Up (which we played 5 times in 10 minutes, which I’m actually counting as a single play).

So, for the year that leaves Love Letter just in the lead with 8 plays, closely followed by Plyt with 7, and Dobble and Apples to Apples just behind with 6. It really is all to play for. As we don’t have a clear leader and we are likely to have a few more play sessions with larger groups before the end of the year, it’s seriously possible that Apples to Apples might get ahead, but I really can’t tell at the moment. We’ll see in just a few months…

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  1. Barnetto
    October 6, 2014 at 9:41 am

    And we have – maybe for the first time – absolutely no overlap with you whatsoever…. I feel terribly mainstream by comparison!

    Villagers & Villains retained our top spot with 7 plays, closely followed by a return of Gauntlet of Fools with 6 plays (though some are very short, so the comparison isn’t particularly fair!).

    The Hobbit Card Game was a new entry with 5 plays – on the back of my epic (if I say so myself!) summer reading of the book! The Knizia Hobbit Boardgame also came out for a couple of plays.

    Fairy Tale is making a card drafting comeback with a couple of plays – now with pretty much all the cards – no more basic version for us old-hands! It had 2 plays, the same as Province and Gubs.

    Bigger games that made the table include The Cave, Ticket to Ride, Survive, Thebes Card Game, Kingdom Builder, Goldland and Fantastiqa.

    DC Comics hasn’t been played since we tried the Crisis expansion, which unfortunately takes a light, quick-playing deckbuilder into a lengthy, frustrating, “please let this end” co-operative slog….

    However, it retains top spot for 2014 so far, but V&V is coming up fast on the rails….

    DC Comics Deck-Building Game 25
    The Little Prince: Make Me a Planet 22
    GUBS: A Game of Wit and Luck 21
    Fairy Tale 19
    Villagers & Villains 18
    Jaipur 15

  2. Rob
    October 6, 2014 at 10:16 am

    Nice one, thanks for the report. I didn’t report everything we played, but we didn’t have any overlap with anything you have mentioned.

    The Hobbit theme is good. Maybe we’ll get to try the card game some time, as I’ve heard it is pretty good. I assume by the 5 plays that you guys liked it? We really like the Knizia Hobbit board game too — it takes a bit long so we don’t play it often, but Miss B really gets into reading the flavour text on the cards. (I think the films should be a more accurate reflection of the book, with hour upon hour of everyone complaining that they are tired and hungry. 🙂 )

    • Barnetto
      October 6, 2014 at 10:25 am

      Yes, the Hobbit Card Game has gone down well – it’s trumps with a twist or two – as long as I take the role of the highly unpredictable Thorin character and allow my boys to be either Bilbo or Smaug!

      (I watched The 2nd Hobbit Film after reading it and was quite shocked by the liberties PJ had taken – straying far and wide from the book – I’d be all for more grumping and complaining instead of some of the over-the-top action….)

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