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Gaming in August

September 2, 2014

Our gaming picked up a little in August, partly due to playing out the TaG Award, but also helped along by a holiday with the in-laws and an afternoon of gaming with some friends from the next town who have a daughter just a little younger than Miss B who also likes board games.

The latest Compact Travelling Games Cupboard (of Doom) containing, as you see, some games -- some of which were in their original packaging.

The latest Compact Travelling Games Cupboard (of Doom) containing, as you see, some games — some of which were in their original packaging.

The holiday trip included another version of the Compact Travelling Games Cupboard (of Doom), which crammed a huge amount of games into a comparatively small box.  Unfortunately I didn’t think to make a note of the games that were in it, but the selection rivalled the one from last year and, once again, most remained unplayed, but it was great to have the options when the schedule allowed for gaming.

Anyway, the month’s plays including Miss B came to 12 different games, with a total of 16 plays. The games played twice were Mutant Meeples (thanks to the TaG Award proceedings), Apples to Apples (actually played in two completely different groups — aside from Miss B and myself), newcomer Ali, and old favourite that only comes out occasionally, Ghost Party. It was particularly pleasing to have a couple of plays of Apples to Apples as Miss B really loves playing it but it really needs at least four or five people to make it worth playing, so it mostly stays on the shelf.

Summing up the year so far, not much changes, though Love Letter, with 8 plays this year, has edged ahead of Plyt’s 7 due to Plyt missing a month. Dobble is still sitting at 6 plays, followed by Gubs, Chess, and Apples to Apples following with 5 plays each. We’re definitely not playing as many games this year as we did last year, but it’s interesting to note that this year there aren’t any games we keep playing over and over like, in particular, Love Letter and Sleeping Queens last year. It means that it’s going to be very difficult to call what the winner for the year will be.

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  1. barnetto
    September 3, 2014 at 10:05 am

    We played a lot of games in August thanks to two weeks holiday at home….

    Outright winner this time and my top recommendation is Villagers and Villains (with 11 plays). There’s (push your) luck with dice rolling to recruit cards from a line-up, but it’s fun and you can modify the luck of the roll in various ways. It is just a very good game, especially good with kids who seem to like rolling dice a lot (and have better rolls than me!) As the game progresses you build up your village of citizens, heroes, buildings (which create different options) and deal with challenges. I really like the art on it too, which helps. Highly recommended as a family game and it plays very well with two (when you recruit twice each round). It doesn’t seem to have a lot of press on BGG as it’s an independently published title.

    Scallywags (by Gamewright) had 6 plays. It’s very quick so it’s usually multiple plays each session.

    DC Comics kept up momentum with 3 plays, matched by King of Tokyo (a returner), Port Royal and new microgames Province and Lost Legacy (OK, but not as good as Love Letter in my opinion).

    Honourable mentions for two plays each of Augustus (still popular), newly unshrinked Zooloretto (which I really enjoyed), Ascension (back to the table) and Kingdom Builder.

  2. Rob
    September 3, 2014 at 12:20 pm

    I’d not come across Villagers and Villains — it looks good and based on your comments I’ll have to add it to my list of games to keep an eye open for. (Hmm, we’re having a trip to Thirsty Meeples this weekend, so maybe we could try it there…) Scallywags has been on the list for a while, and I think it may work well for us.

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