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Gaming in May

June 3, 2014

Our consumption of games picked up again quite a lot in May after the quiet April. This time we played 19 different games over the month (and Miss B played a few more that I didn’t), for a total of 25 plays.

Not a game we play often, but Runebound is a definite treat when we get the chance.

Not a game we play often, but Runebound is a definite treat when we get the chance.

The top game of the month was Dungeon Roll, which was played 3 times, followed by Chess, Coloretto, Flippin’ Fruit and Om Nom Nom, each with 2 plays.

I should also add a special mention as, if we were counting the total amount of time playing a game, Runebound would come out on top for May. We only played it the once, but it took us about 4 hours to play (plus some extra time as we took a couple of breaks along the way). This is an example of where this idea of counting plays breaks down as a metric for the popularity of a game. Runebound is definitely one of Miss B’s favourite games, but it takes so long for us to play (even using the “short game” rules) that we need to allocate most of a day, and so it rarely hits the table. It’s fun when it does though.

Another special mention goes to Lords of Waterdeep, which is a lovely introduction to the world of worker placement games. We haven’t played this for some time, and in the past the game has gone really rather slowly as, in common with most worker placement games, it involves players taking a great many very short turns, and this has previously involved having to remind Miss B that it is her turn every time. With adults I would expect the game to typically take in the region of an hour; with Miss B the game has previously taken more than double that and required a break mid-game. This month we managed to complete the game in less than 90 minutes, which speaks volumes about how far Miss B has come.

To round off, though, we have the totals for the year. So far we have three games vying for the lead: Dobble, Love Letter, and Plyt, with 6 plays a piece, and Plyt retaining its record of at least one play each month. In fact, Plyt nearly got a second play in May but minds got changed at the last minute.

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  1. barnetto
    June 4, 2014 at 10:36 am

    I hope you don’t mind if I piggy back and share our game consumption for May?

    Run away winner with a massive 11 plays was Fairy Tale – it’s quick to play, fun and works well with two or three (we play a draw one and discard one variant for the two player).

    Joint runners up with 4 plays each for: DC Comics Deck Building Game, Fzzzt!, The Little Prince and Love Letter (though we certainly don’t play the “full” game each time, it’s usually first to three wins, no matter the number of players).

    Honourable mentions go to Jaipur, Citadels and Jambo each with 2 plays.

    The common theme is that there were no boards involved at all – they are all card games, though the cards in Little Prince are tiles… They are all relatively short too. DC Comics and Citadels being about the longest of these games. That’s just the way it is going. It is easy to fit in a quick game of Fairy Tale with bedtime milk. Though the other reason is that our erstwhile “games table” has been taken over by lego bricks and other toys and so it is much harder to get out a “proper” boardgame to play. We have played a few – The Adventurers, Takenoko, Survive, Goldland, Flashpoint and King of Tokyo (does that count?) – but only once each. Maybe next month will be different if I can clear the table off…?!

    Lords of Waterdeep I like – I must try it again with my 8 year old (and maybe 6 year old), though he is gradually drifting away from enjoying games as much as he used to – my 6 year old, however, is a “games monster” (actually I think that this is part of the reason the 8 year old doesn’t want to play as much, as he now associates it with being younger and less grown up – the way sibling rivalry plays out!) My wife suggested getting Daddy a new game for Father’s Day (if only she knew how many I have hidden away!) and my 8 year old said, “No, he has too many already!”.

    (I completely recognise the reference to needing to remind little people of the fact it is their turn by the way – it is the one thing that wears me down sometimes – but I guess when it happens a lot it shows that they just aren’t engaged enough.)

    By the way the LoW app is great – the addition of the corruption mechanic (just released on the app) makes an even better game in my opinion.

  2. Rob
    June 4, 2014 at 7:22 pm

    Wow, you’re doing well there! I still haven’t got around to trying Fairy Tale with Miss B, but with your encouragement I’m sure we’ll manage it some time. And Citadels… really must get that out again, as it has been a long time since we played.

  3. Rob
    June 4, 2014 at 7:23 pm

    Oh, and you are always welcome to piggy back! 🙂

  4. Barnetto
    June 5, 2014 at 9:58 am

    BTW when I’ve played LoW two player, I have taken the option of shortening the game by one round (essentially, ignore the first round) – which really doesn’t affect the gameplay at all but does keep the game slightly shorter for those with shorter attention spans!

  5. Rob
    June 5, 2014 at 3:20 pm

    As it happens, for this latest play we originally intended to finish a couple of turns early but agreed to decide for sure when we got closer to the time. When the time came close we seemed to be going so well that we decided to keep going and play the full game.

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