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Cutethulhu ♥ Fhtagn!

June 1, 2014

Yesterday we had our return trip to UK Games Expo.  Last year I reported that the event (on the Sunday) was busy but not too crowded, but this year (on the Saturday), it felt like a cattle crush for most of the day, and some areas were very difficult to move around.  We didn’t even manage to get into the bring and buy area due to our unwillingness to wait in the lengthy and slow moving queue to even get into the room.

There were also viking reenactors, so here is Miss B the huscarl.

There were also viking reenactors, so here is Miss B the huscarl.

Despite all that, we had a good day.  Miss B and I tried out a few demo games and even went head to head at the giant Pylos game in the family zone.  She spent much of the afternoon taking part in a couple of roleplaying games (one loosely based on Scooby Doo and the other on Alice in Wonderland — the adventures themselves will be available for download here after the Expo has finished), while I wandered about chatting to people, spending money, and going to a fascinating seminar featuring Quentin Cooper (from Radio 4’s Material World) and the prolific Reiner Knizia.

We finished off the day with another seminar, on the subject of gaming with children. This was interesting, but squeezed for time due to an overrun of the previous event in the room, so didn’t have the space for discussion and questions which I was hoping for.

Of the newly acquired games, I would expect Miss B and I to be playing The Downfall of Pompeii (which Miss B wanted us to get after she enjoyed a demo game), Crows (a game I was interested in, which I found at a very good price), and Ali (a mega-bargain from one of the discount traders).

Highlights for Miss B have to include watching a bunch of Star Wars cosplayers menacing the Red Charity Dalek with their lightsabres, while the Dalek bemoaned his fate with great comic style.

This year, taking a packed lunch turned out to have been a very good decision; it being a nice day we got to sit outside and eat our sandwiches by a water feature. Next year? I expect we’ll go again. I think we got more out of this year, so maybe next time we’ll be able to do better still.

PS. The title of this post is from the slogan on a T-shirt that Miss B acquired at the Expo. There’s this and lots of other awesome (and very silly) stuff at Genki Gear. (No sponsorship here — we just like their stuff.)

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