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Gaming in March

April 1, 2014

Another month, another report. March saw Miss B and I playing 16 different games for a total of 19 plays. We had one new-to-us game, Dixit Jinx, which you may already have read our write-up of, and this was one of only two games that had more than one play; Dixit Jinx got played 3 times, and Dobble twice.

It turns out that, for some games, you don't need the rules to have fun.  We'll probably play Maharani soon, though...

It turns out that, for some games, you don’t need the rules to have fun. We’ll probably play Maharani soon, though…

In the case of Dobble, we seem to be settling on the “Gotta Catch ’em All!” variant, which has natural pauses in gameplay so is less likely to get manically out of control than the other Dobble games we have tried. Miss B is also getting pretty good at it.

Towards the end of the month Miss B was delighted to get a chance to play the original Dixit when some friends came to visit. This doesn’t often come out, and often ends in bewilderment, but Miss B still loves it. In fact, this play probably went more smoothly than any we had done before, which is nice.

For the year so far, our lead games are Dobble, with 5 plays, Plyt with 4, and a cluster all at 3 each: Apples to Apples, Dixit Jinx, Love Letter, Them’s Fightin’ Words, and my prototype card game without a name. It’s probably worth noting that Plyt is the only game that we have played every month so far this year — and always at Miss B’s suggestion.

Finally, an honourable mention for a game that we have played with, but not actually played: the beautiful tile-laying game, Maharani. Hopefully we’ll play and report on this soon, but for now it’s fun just laying out the tiles to make nice patterns.

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