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Gaming in January

February 5, 2014

We’ve decided to track our game playing again this year, so I’ll do something similar to what I did last year and report monthly on what we have played.

January was pretty much a month of two halves.  For the first couple of weeks we played quite a lot, but then plays declined quite a lot for the latter portion of the month.  In total, though, we played 12 different games for a total of 16 plays. No game got played more than twice.

So our repeat plays, with two a piece were Apples to Apples, Monster Café, Plyt, and Them’s Fightin’ Words.  All very different games.  I’m hoping to post about Monster Café soon, but Miss B still needs to decide what her verdict will be.  We actually have a few games lined up like that, so hopefully there will be a few game posts in the coming weeks.

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