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An October of games

November 2, 2013

So, October was another comparatively quiet month, with 19 plays of 16 different games.

Love Letter has made a return to the roster with two plays, while Dobble was the only other game that was played more than once, with three plays.  I was also pleased that Lords of Waterdeep saw its first play for a long time (the first this year) and we finally got around to another go at Smash Up.

Unusually we didn’t play anything new in October other than the Space Race game that Miss B invented.  Still, it is really good to just spend time going back over games we know already.   Though I’m still a little surprised that Sleeping Queens is still out of favour.  It lives in a very visible pile of small games in the living room, several of which get played every month, but it has remained in its box for quite a while.

After tallying the plays from this month, Love Letter’s position as the most played game of the year is starting to look secure as we only have a couple of months left to go.  It is only four plays ahead of Sleeping Queens, but if the recent pattern continues it won’t end up being much of a contest.

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