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Chibis versus zombies

October 24, 2013

In the latest in my occasional series of posts on stuff found on Kickstarter, here’s City of Zombies, which takes this obsession the world seems to have with zombies right now to a whole new level of cute.www-Master-Hero-Logo

Actually, the deal with this is that it is being pitched as an educational game, but it looks like it is educational in a similar way to, say, Sleeping Queens, where there is a fun game there and kids get to practice their maths skills as part of playing. This is great to see in a world where most producers of educational games fixate on some technical aspect of education like the Key Stage 1 history curriculum or, as we saw at UK Games Expo, on logic puzzles aimed at revision for the 11+ exam.

Anyway, there’s zombies, there’s dice rolling, there’s really cute art (and optional less-cute art), and there’s what looks like simple but fun gameplay, so if that appeals, take a look and decide for yourself.

As always, be careful on Kickstarter, but from my point of view I like the look of this and it’s good to see a project based close to where I live!

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