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A September of gaming

October 8, 2013

September was about our quietest month of gaming this year, with only 20 plays of 15 different games. Still not bad, mind. January had the same number of plays but one fewer distinct games.

The first weekend of the month was where a lot of the gaming happened as we got together with two different family groups for gaming sessions and had a lot of fun playing assorted games. We did pretty well for new games, introducing Cloud 9, King of Tokyo (we don’t own this one but got to play someone else’s) and Rock, Paper, Scissors, Bang! Plus we had the (re) introduction of Dobble, which we had tried out at UK Games Expo in May, and which became the month’s most played game, with three plays.

For the third consecutive month we had no plays of long-time favourite Sleeping Queens (though I can’t believe that it has been consigned to history) and for the first month since we aquired a copy we had no plays of Love Letter.

Across the year, though, we are still seeing Love Letter as the top game with 19 plays, closely followed by Sleeping Queens. Only three more months to go…

Edit: Oops, I miscounted and didn’t record a game of Timeline from earlier in the month. That takes us up to 21 plays and 16 distinct games.

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