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A June of Games

July 3, 2013

So we played nearly as many games in June as we did in May; a total of 42 plays of 20 different games.

Top games this month have been the newcomer Gubs (8 plays!), followed by Castle Keep (5 plays) and Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule (4 plays), neither of which have had that much play this year — though the latter has been helped by the welcome arrival of the lush, properly printed version we Kickstarted. Castle Keep’s figures are mainly boosted by one afternoon where we played four games in a row with Miss B showing great enthusiasm for construction of fortifications. Love Letter and Sleeping Queens also saw multiple plays, as did a few other games.

Last month I mused about there needing to be something really compelling coming along to challenge Sleeping Queens and Love Letter for the year’s top game, and it looks like Gubs may well fit that category. We’ll just have to see how things pan out.

So, the year’s race to be the most played game still has Sleeping Queens in the lead with 17 plays, Love Letter snapping on its heels with 14 plays, Hey, That’s My Fish! (digital) on 9, and Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule and Gubs each on 8 plays.

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  1. Barnetto
    July 4, 2013 at 9:18 am

    Gubs is an interesting one – I looked at buying it as an additional card game for us (and bought it on ios to try it out) but decided that it was too chaotic and there was just too much opportunity for tears and tantrums.

    Our top card game at the moment is Archaeology, a small Zman card game that involves set collecting but is done really nicely – the card art can’t compete with Sleeping Queens etc, but they’ve managed to introduce a decent bit of theme with you “digging” for treasure, trading in the market, collecting maps to explore the pyramid etc. Our 5 year old in particular loves it and wants to play it all the time. There is some “take that” – a thief card in particular which allows you to steal from other players – and a push your luck element as sandstorm cards will bury half your collected artifacts if you try and collect without selling for too long – but it is manageable. The other that I recommend for this age group is a small card game called Astronauts, which I reviewed on BGG.

    I’m very taken with the card game route at the moment – quicker to play, set up and take down and some (like San Juan) have really good mechanics – I’m hoping to try and introduce San Juan and Citadels soon (for the 7 year old at least) as well as more Ascension sets, especially with holiday season coming up. I’m also keen to bring out Dominion, but I’m trying and keep down the number of new games introduced to reasonable proportions….

    Indeed, my list of games to take on holiday with us is ever growing, though I need to keep it to one box! I think we’ll be taking Survive and possibly Firenze (both of which will be new) as well as the aforementioned card games.

    Keep up the always interesting blog.

    • July 4, 2013 at 10:28 am

      Thanks. Sounds like you’re getting some great gaming in. I’ll certainly be looking into the games you mentioned.

      While a lot of people seem to disagree, I think Citadels is wonderful for 2 or 3 players. With two roles for each player each round it makes the chances that you’ll get wiped out of the round completely vanishingly small, thus keeping everyone happy.

      I originally had a similar attitude to Gubs as I was concerned about its aggressive and chaotic nature, but for some reason it goes down really well. Perhaps it is because it is so quick and you can always play again.

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