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A May of Games

June 3, 2013

May saw a couple of games returned to the roster after a long lay-off: draughts and Master Labyrinth.  Plus we had several new games due mostly to my recent uncontrollable game acquisition habit.  There are still a few of these that I need to report on, though a couple of those Miss B has requested we try again before she makes up her mind about them.  Of the new games I suspect Botswana might be the top choice, but my feeling is that none of the new games measure up in her eyes to the old favourites.

And speaking of old favourites, Sleeping Queens managed to notch up a few plays, but the star game of the month was, once again, relative newcomer Love Letter, which is now only one play behind Sleeping Queens for the entire year.  I’d be surprised if, come the end of December, Love Letter wasn’t our most played game of the year by some margin.  If it isn’t, it means that we will have discovered one seriously compelling game over the next few months.

The headline numbers are that we played 23 different games for a total of 41 plays.  I’m not sure we’re going to beat that any time soon!

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