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A March of Games

April 2, 2013

The gaming year continues to be a good one. In March Miss B and I had 31 plays, which comprised 21 different games, of which 6 were new to Miss B. The number of games was helped along by having a couple of friends staying with us for a weekend, during which we played quite a lot, which was great.

The most played game this month was the new-to-us RoadZters, thanks to being a lot of fun and being left set up in the conservatory for a couple of days so we could just pop in and have a race. Other than that, there was a 3-game session of Highwayman, which hasn’t been out for a while, and welcome returns for Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule, and Tsuro, amongst others.

For me, pick of the new games were Empire Express and Love Letter (which we only got to play on the last day of the month), so expect write-ups of these two very soon.

For the year, the Android version of Hey, That’s My Fish remains at the top (7 plays), with Sleeping Queens only just behind (6 plays). Crazy Creatures of Doctor Doom and Timeline are both chugging along nicely on the chart too.

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