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Swan bones? Huh?

April 1, 2013

I got hold of Valley of the Four Winds when I was at school and I think it was probably my first hex-and-counter wargame. It’s a pretty solid game and has quite a nice, epic fantasy feel, with the forces of good battling against seemingly insurmountable odds, trying to hold out long enough to recruit key allies and collect plot coupons enabling them to strike back.100_1486

But how would Miss B fare? Our previous exploits in games even slightly wargamey didn’t go particularly well, but her competitive spirit and tactical abilities have been coming on quite impressively of late. She’s been eyeing up a few wargames on the shelf lately and finally managed to persuade me to get one out. It was either this or Gulf Strike.

Miss B ended up playing the evil side, which means control of hordes of undead, swamp lord warriors and forest orcs, and the least said about her dice rolling in this game the better. The game isn’t as long as many wargames, but in this case it took a little over an hour before the King of Farrondil ended up taking his own life rather than witness the undead hordes rolling through his beloved city.

I guess I now have no excuse. We’ll just have to crack out the rest of those wargames that have been gathering dust. Mind you, I’m up for a game of Wooden Ships and Iron Men; that’ll tell if her planning skills are up to scratch…

The verdict from Miss B (aged 6¼): “I liked it when you lost, Daddy. I bet no-one will believe that I played this.”

The game: Valley of the Four Winds (Games Workshop), 2 players aged 10+.

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