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Can we use the tunnel this time?

March 31, 2013

I’ve never been much enamoured of what are often described as dexterity games. You know the sort of thing: Jenga, Tumbling Chimps, and so on. But once in a while they can be fun and in that spirit I recently picked up a bargainiferous copy of RoadZters, which is a racing game where you proceed around a track (which looks like a Scalextric track without the grooves) by means of flicking a “Z-ball”, a ball with a cluster of ball bearings inside it which makes it behaves in odd ways which are, I am led to believe, controllable with practice. When the ball stops (assuming it is on the track) you place your car there and the next player flicks the ball from where their car was left last turn. Simples.

The blue car may well get into the lead here, but I think Miss B needs to keep her eyes on the road.

The blue car may well get into the lead here, but I think Miss B needs to keep her eyes on the road.

So it turns out that this is quite a lot of fun, though frustrating at times as an over-cooked flick can send the ball flying off the track and under the sofa. We soon learned that using blankets, cushions and the like to frame the play area can save us a lot of time looking for the lost Z-ball.

Miss B had even more difficulty with the game than I did, but despite the frustration, she got around the course and then wanted to play again. And again. And even when I had to go off to do something else for a while, she kept going to practice her flicking.

The set we bought is enough for some good races with several different track layouts, but for playing with Miss B it would be nice to have more barriers to go around the track to just make things a little easier. Extra barriers are available (as are many other bits) in expansion packs, which I would certainly buy if the opportunity arose.

The verdict from Miss B (aged nearly 6¼): “I liked trying to get over the jump and not fall off the track.”

The game: RoadZters (Cepia Games), 1 to 4 players aged 5+.

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