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Diddley dum, diddley dum, diddley dum, diddley diddley…

March 10, 2013

A few weeks ago we had a visit from the cousins-in-law, or whatever they might be best described as, and they brought along a copy of Doctor Who: the Card Game as Miss B is starting to become something of a Who fan and the cousin-in-law (in-law?) actually runs the company that publishes the game. So, in the interests of propriety, I should now declare a possible conflict of interest: we got a free copy and the publisher is family. Make of that what you will.

I know that look: it's someone who has a jammy dodger, or some similar card of excellence.

I know that look: it’s someone who has a jammy dodger, or some similar card of excellence.

Actually, I must admit I was a little nervous of this game as it has received very mixed reviews. But we set up a four player game (though in this case, Miss B and I acted together as a single player) and off we went.

The mechanics of the game are very simple, but a bit weird as you play cards from your hand until you have three left, then pass these last three to your right. All a bit odd, but it means sometimes you end up trying to make sure that you don’t pass anything too good to the player sitting next to you. Each player controls both bad guys (enemies) and goodies (defenders) and the idea is to have control, by whichever means, of location cards which give you victory points at game end. I think this arrangement might disconnect some people from the theme, but we actually had a lot of fun with it. Miss B loved spouting trivia about various monsters that she had read about in her Doctor Who annual.

We have now played a second time, this time with three players and Miss B taking part in her own right. There are quite a lot of cards to play through, so we set the game length to be a little shorter by putting the end of game card higher in the deck than usual. The game played really smoothly and had some nice ebb and flow of play until, in the closing phase of play Miss B suddenly started attacking all over the place and ended up with a nice victory.

Unfortunately this game requires three players, which means it’s likely to not get as much play as we’d like. That said, I have an idea for how to play with two, so I think we’ll give that a go some time soon. Plus S quite likes the game, so three player games may happen from time to time.

The verdict from Miss B (aged 6): “It was cool how you could play two monsters on the same thing because if there’s one defender there, there’s a good chance the enemies could defeat them. I liked it and I really want to play it again so it’ll be one of the top ones on the game chart. This was my first time on my own but I won because in the last round I got the Weeping Angels and the Beast and I played both the Angels and the Beast on Daddy and he got no points for the ones I attacked because the defenders were too weak for the monsters. I thought that was really cool.”

The game: Doctor Who The Card Game (Cubicle 7), 3 to 4 players aged 13+.

  1. dbfnq
    March 10, 2013 at 11:26 pm

    Your cousin-in-law is part of Cubicle 7?, Their Doctor Who RPG is really quite cool.

    • March 11, 2013 at 8:21 am

      Yup. They do seem to have quite an impressive RPG portfolio, and it’s nice to see them making something of the Who franchise (we have the Who RPG and it looks good to me, though I haven’t played it). I gather they’re considering making more card/board games in the future, which is something I’d love to see. I reckon this one is a pretty good start.

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