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A February of games

March 1, 2013

I thought we had a good month of gaming in January, but it turns out that February was even better. Over the last month we actually managed to play 25 different games, with a total of 37 plays — again, I am only counting the games in which both Miss B and I played.

The month got off to a great start as we were invited for an afternoon with some friends for some serious family gaming with a total of five kids (of which Miss B was the middle in age). Lots of fun was had there and several games played. Then a week later we had a visit from cousins, which resulted in a few games being played too. The rest of the month was just games being played here and there, but there were a few days when we played two or three games in a row, which ups the score somewhat.

So the most played games of February were Timeline Discoveries (4 plays) and Hey That’s My Fish! (digital) (3 plays). There were several other games we played twice. I think it’s worth counting the digital version of Hey That’s My Fish!, which we play on my phone when out and about, as it is a faithful recreation of the board game and differs only in portability, set-up time and the availability of AI players.

Of the new games, Timeline was a huge surprise in terms of how well it has gone down (see the recent post on that), but I suspect the novelty may wear off. Talisman and The Hobbit look like they may have some staying power; as they’re both fairly long games (particularly Talisman) I doubt we’ll play lots, but they seem to have caught Miss B’s imagination. From my own point of view, I’m most delighted with the addition of Eminent Domain (about which I will be posting very soon), which I’m really looking to playing some more, both with Miss B and with adults.

The year’s most played games are now Hey That’s My Fish! (digital) (5 plays), Timeline Discoveries (4 plays), and Sleeping Queens (4 plays). I still expect Sleeping Queens to be at the top come the end of the year, but Miss B’s occasional requests to play Hey That’s My Fish may well derail that. And it’s still early enough in the year to find a new challenger.

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