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Let’s rescue the dog!

February 10, 2013

I recently received a very welcome present from the in-laws, a cooperative game called Flash Point: Fire Rescue which is, as the name may suggest, about being a team of fire fighters trying to rescue victims from a burning building. I’d been hearing good things about this for some time, so it was great to have a chance to try it out.

Looks like the fire is mostly under control... for now!

Looks like the fire is mostly under control… for now!

So the game is pretty straightforward: you move your fire fighter and/or take other actions like extinguishing flames or opening doors, then roll a couple of dice to see where more fire spreads; then it’s the next player. The mechanics quite cleverly make it more likely that existing fires will get worse and new areas generally build up smoke before flames break out. There are two sets of rules: a basic version, where everyone is the same, and a more advanced version where each fire fighter has specialist skills (like first aid, imaging, or dealing with hazardous materials) and other features are introduced like a movable fire engine and ambulance.

We have now played the game a couple of times: once with just the two of us and once as part of a games afternoon with five fire fighters (a couple of which were being controlled by a pair of children. Both times we played with the basic rules. Miss B enjoyed the first play, but wasn’t massively impressed. The second time, though, with the bigger group of players, the game really came to life and she was getting really into the swing of things, and she says it is definitely more fun with more people.

However, Miss B would like to withhold her verdict until we have tried playing with the specialist fire fighters. So no verdict this time. Some time, hopefully in the near future, we will do this and I will report back.

The game: Flash Point: Fire Rescue (Indie Boards & Cards), 2 to 6 players aged 10+.

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