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A January of games

February 1, 2013

At the end of last year, Miss B and I decided to record what games we play for the year so we can have some record of which games get played the most. So I have a spreadsheet for this purpose. I’m recording each individual game that gets played except when each game is so quick that you usually play several in a row; the main example so far is noughts-and-crosses. The other rule is that the game needs to include both Miss B and myself among the players.

So, in January 2013 Miss B and I played an impressive 14 different games and had 20 plays in total. Our most played game was Sleeping Queens (3 times), and the following games got played twice: Crazy Creatures of Dr Doom, Ticket to Ride, Hey That’s My Fish! (digital version), and Enuk. We also played Ticket to Ride, Enuk and Santiago de Cuba for the first time.

Sleeping Queens has been a favourite of Miss B’s since we first got it, and from the playing-time-per-pound perspective, is almost certainly the best value game we have. (Although it’s probably run close by Coloretto, which I sometimes also play in adult groups.) My prediction here is that Sleeping Queens will be the most played game of the year.

I have the Android version of Hey That’s My Fish! on my phone and that gets played sometimes while we are out and about; we get a proper game which requires no setting up and can also have computer controlled players too, which is good for Miss B as she can often beat the AIs on the easy level.

I’ll report back in a month’s time about how we did in February.

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