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One Hundred!

January 31, 2013

So this is it. According to WordPress, I have reached 100 posts with this one, having taken somewhat less that 2 years to do so: the first post was in April 2011. Back then, I had a four-year-old Miss B, who was starting to show interest in games and I, somewhat selfishly, decided to try her with some of the boxes that had been languishing in the board games collection in the hope that we would find games that we would both enjoy playing. And I figured that I may as well write a blog about it, as there may be somebody out there who would be interested.

A small selection of the games we have played over the last couple of years.

A small selection of the games we have played over the last couple of years.

Over the last couple of years, the game playing has been massively successful. There have been periods when Miss B hasn’t been particularly interested, so we’ve not bothered. At other times, she has wanted to do little else and we’ve been playing board or card games almost every day. She’s been growing massively as a person, as all children of her age do, but also as a gamer. We still sometimes have complaints when things don’t go well for her, but most of the time she rolls with the punches and gets over losses quickly. And, of course, she celebrates her victories with great enthusiasm, tempered with comments like, “Don’t worry, Daddy, you can get your own back next time.”

There have been some very proud moments along the way, too. My losing games like Lords of Waterdeep, Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride to her has been a great privilege and source of happiness for me. Her ability to concentrate and play nicely when we play with other adults has come along fantastically. Plus her enthusiasm for Dominion is wonderful — she hasn’t won a game yet, but she still loves playing and is steadily getting better at it.

I’m also starting to see signs that Miss B is really starting to grok some non-trivial games. For instance, a couple of nights ago we played Citadels and she played a blinder, making some great guesses/deductions and causing me all manner of problems (the first round left her with two districts and some money while I had no districts and no money!). The game was close and I predict that she will finally beat me in a two-player game of Citadels before the end of the year.

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