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Soft kitty, warm kitty…

January 27, 2013

I’ve been focusing this blog on mostly playing reasonably “grown up” games that I play with Miss B and we’ve been doing really well with that, but we do also, from time to time, play more traditional children’s games. Most recently we tried out the Hello Kitty branded Memory, which Miss B was given as a birthday present.

Oh look!  A picture of Hello Kitty!

Oh look! A picture of Hello Kitty!

So this is the standard pairs/pelmanism game where you have to match pictures on an array of cards, and in this case the cards all had pictures of Hello Kitty in assorted guises. We played. Miss B won and loved collecting some of the pictures, particularly the butterfly kitty. I enjoyed doing an activity with my daughter.

To be honest, I’d rather not play this sort of game in general, but I find it more fun than the standard “roll and move” games like snakes and ladders, so if she wants to play this once in a while, that’s fine by me. Time for me to stop being grumpy. 🙂

The verdict from Miss B (aged 6): “Pretty good.”

The game: Hello Kitty Memory (Ravensburger), 2 to 6 players aged 3+.

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