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More goats? You should set up a farm.

December 18, 2012

Yesterday Miss B had a play date, bringing one of her friends from school, Miss A, home for a couple of hours. This sort of thing usually involves a lot of running around the house and shouting, but we know Miss A has Loot and Sleeping Queens at home, so Miss B wanted to try a board game with her. The one we chose was Catan Junior.

We took a few minutes explaining the main rules (with Miss B very keen to help) and then got started. To be honest, I don’t know Miss A very well so wasn’t sure quite how much was sinking in. Such is the way with six-year-olds. I shouldn’t have worried as after two or three turns, Miss A was clearly getting the hang of things and working out what trades she needed to make to complete her next build. She took an early lead and, despite Miss B and I rallying to catch up, our guest managed to hold on to the win.

I was really impressed at how well this game worked out for playing with a young visitor and held her attention. Catan Junior is not a deep game and probably would probably bore most adult gamers after not too many plays, but it is proving to have been an excellent purchase for us. And I’m more than happy to play it any time it is requested.

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