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Look out for the socktopus!

December 16, 2012

A couple of months or so back, a conversation with Miss B resulted in her deciding that she wanted to make her own pirate game. We brainstormed a bit and came up with some ideas. There was going to be a board for moving ships around on and finding gold, and you would play cards to make things happen. So we set to making some cards by writing on and illustrating some blank cards.

Off to get that gold on island number 1...

Off to get that gold on island number 1…

That was about as far as we got for some time, though Miss B occasionally made a few more cards to add to the set until we had a couple of dozen cards including loads of “sailing” cards for moving your ship, as well as cards for battles, repairs, exploration and going on treasure hunts.

This weekend, however, we finally got a bit further. We drew a load of circles onto a large sheet of paper, with the circles connected with arrows to indicate the prevailing winds. Miss B then illustrated the board by drawing the pirate islands and adding decorative fish and a socktopus (if you need to ask…). We got out some counters, a die and a pile of plastic gold coins, discussed the rules that we would use and gave it a go.

The aim of the game was to collect a certain amount of gold and part way through the game it became apparent that the flow of gold onto the board was way too slow, so we had a bit of a discussion, knocked up a couple of extra cards to improve this, shuffled them into the deck and resumed. A few minutes later Miss B won with me having been unable to collect any gold myself, thus highlighting the dearth of cards allowing you to collect gold. We made another small change to a few cards for use next time, hopefully remedying this.

So far this has been a very positive experience and Miss B is even more enthusiastic about the project than before. At her insistence we spent a little time together afterwards formalising and writing up the rules we had used, which will form a basis for future plays. I think we’ll be making a few more cards and playing a good few more times in the near future.

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