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I like casino games. I wish I had a real one.

November 30, 2012

So, the box we have here is a game called Reibach & Co., but this is an early version of a game which has been rethemed (with added chickens) as Gloria Picktoria.  It was co-designed by Alan Moon and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if in its original, pre-published form it was themed with trains (that is pure speculation).  Anyway, the game is all about collecting sets of cards and at three points in the game the players with the most cards collected of each type score points.

The x2 card looks like just the thing to go with these whatever-they-ares

The x2 card looks like just the thing to go with these whatever-they-ares

Typically the scoring would involve writing things down, but as the theme of this version of the game is business and making money, I’ve shoved some Monopoly money into the box so you can keep score that way.  Miss B quite liked that.

On your turn you can take three actions, each of which is either to draw a card into your hand (from a communal face-up selection) or play a card into a meld on the table (or face down to start a meld).  Miss B had a bit of difficulty at first with the fact that taking a card and playing it had to be two actions.  Once she’d accepted that, play went pretty smoothly, though we ended up cutting the game a little short as we were getting very close to bed time.

I think set collection games are generally pretty child friendly, and this one works well despite a couple of elements not being entirely obvious.  My allusion to train games earlier was because I dimly remember playing an Alan Moon (who has released several train themed games) game years ago that worked in a similar way, if I remember correctly, with one side of the card being a type of carriage and the back depicting an engine, so you played a card face down to start a train, then played carriages behind the engine.  Thematically this made more obvious sense than having an “entrepreneur” collecting things to build a business.

I think we’ll probably get to play this again, though whether it gets into the regular rotation I don’t know.

The verdict from Miss B (aged 5¾ and some): “In Reibach & Co there was Monopoly money because that was even better to add up. What I didn’t like about the game was I kept having to swap my money.  What I did like about the game was the money was easier to add up and also I was the only one with the x2.”

The game: Reibach & Co. (FX Schmid), 2 to 5 players aged 12+.

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