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Dear Santa

November 26, 2012

If my recent visits to shops around town are anything to go by, it’s Christmas already. Now, this isn’t really meant to be a Christmas list, but I figured this would be a good time to note a few games that I’d like to acquire in the near future to play with Miss B. So here goes…I claim absolutely no credit for this, I'm just jumping on one of them memes.  No idea what DC think about it all.  Makes me chuckle, though.

  • Stone Age…  This looks like it should work reasonably well for us. Miss B has done worker placement games in Lords of Waterdeep and Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small, so this shouldn’t take too much explaining.  Plus it has dice.  There are remarkably few games we play often that have dice in them.
  • Ticket to Ride… A game that I have been meaning to get for a very long time.  I have played some Alan Moon games in the dim and distant past, and this looks like it should work very well for family play.
  • Pandemic…  This is a slightly more advanced relative of the great Forbidden Island, and cooperative games work well for us.  Plus I’m sure Miss B would be well up for being a scientist and saving the world.
  • Zooloretto…  We’ve played a lot of Coloretto, which is one of the house favourites, and this is a slightly more advanced and much more themed version.  Looks like lots of fun.  (Alternatively there’s Aquaretto: pretty much the same thing but with sea life.)
  • Red November…  This is a daft one which just appeals to me (gnomes on a submarine, what’s not to like?!), but it’s another cooperative game and I think Miss B may find it amusing.
  • Possibly an expansion for Dominion…  We’re still far from exhausting the possibilities of the base set, but I know Miss B would love to have more cards to choose from (we have a couple of promo cards that go down well) and who am I to resist?  I’m not sure what to go for, but I think a set that doesn’t introduce much in the way of new mechanics would be a good idea.

So, if finances are looking good then I expect we’ll be trying out at least some of these next year.  Watch this space.

We still have quite a few games around the house that I haven’t played with Miss B (or at all in some cases) that should be suitable, so there is plenty more material for us to cover.  Just to give you an idea, these include (in no particular order): Castle Keep, Reibach & Co., Ice Flow, The Sorcerer’s Cave, Take It Easy, Vanished, Talisman (not a fan myself, but she may like), Der Ausreisser, and Civilization (just kidding on that one).  Come to think of it, given that lot and the ones we have already played, do I really need to get any more games?!

I did also have a  Christmas wish: that our “proper” copy of Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule arrives. We love playing the print and play version and we’re really looking forward to the oversized cards and all the final artwork.  A few weeks ago we got hold of a bunch of files previewing the art and it looks fantastic.  Unfortunately the other day I received a very apologetic update from the game team saying that their production schedule had slipped and they are now expecting to ship in March rather than the originally planned December.  Oh well, we still have the print and play, and can remain on tenterhooks for a little longer.

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