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Why’s it called that? Is it because you both go?

November 16, 2012

In our recent game of Eight-Minute Empires, we used plastic go stones for currency, which worked fine apart from the fact that Miss B didn’t think they made very good money, not looking like coins and all.  However, she was asking about what the stones are really for, which turned into a discussion about the game of go.

If you know anything about go, you’ll spot that this game is all kinds of wrong. Please forgive us.

Go is a game I started learning to play many years ago (hence having some basic kit) but didn’t get around to taking very far.  The rules are very simple indeed (probably closer to draughts than chess in complexity) but the depth of strategy in the game is immense.  It is probably the ultimate in abstract strategy games (chess is far less abstract).

Anyway, it occurred to me that it might be easier to show than tell, so I got out a board and the stones.  I’m sure I have a little 9-by-9 board stowed somewhere, but it was not readily accessible so we ended up with a full-sized board.  Miss B wanted to play white, so we didn’t worry about tradition and just stuck nine white handicap stones on and went from there.

I did have the intention to just play for a few minutes until a stone got captured, but Miss B quickly got the general idea and wanted to keep going.  We ended up playing for half an hour (until bedtime was looming) and then just stopped and scored up.  Sort of.

This was surprisingly good fun given that I barely know the game and Miss B had never heard of it before.  Maybe this is a game where she can really help me to learn something new.  I think we need a smaller board, though.  I’ll have to go and buy or make a 9-by-9 board for us to work with, I reckon (though at a pinch we can use a chess board as a substitute).

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