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Sitting in the throne room was a bureaucrat…

October 28, 2012

Miss B has been getting into stories lately. Not just reading them: she’s in a sort of storytelling club at school and they’ve been encouraging her to create stories herself. This weekend, at bedtime after we had been playing Dominion, this encouragement really showed.

Apologies for just nicking an image of a card. The copyright is somebody else’s.

In the game, amongst other cards, we had the Bureaucrat and Throne Room cards. Miss B wanted to know what a bureaucrat is, so I told her something about it being someone who does a lot of work with rules, filling in forms, and so on. This clearly was the source of some inspiration.

We had a lovely start to the story: “Once upon a time there was a city. In that city there was a castle. In that castle there was a throne room…” And so on. She did a great job of painting a picture with words, and eventually introduced the character of a bureaucrat who, in the course of the story, learnt that sometimes strict rules aren’t good for everyone and that rules can be changed for the benefit of all.

I was very impressed with this story: it was more sophisticated that anything Miss B has told me before, and told with quite a lot of flair. And it’s great that the cards in a game can provide so much inspiration. I guess maybe we’ll have to get an expansion for Dominion to see where the cards take her imagination. (Heh! Is that just me searching out justification for a future purchase?!)

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