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Venture funding?

September 25, 2012

The title’s almost clever, see, because there is a city called Venture in Storm Hollow, the world of Story Realms, and the game is trying to get funding on Kickstarter at the moment, and… ahh, tough crowd!

There is lots of lovely art in Story Realms, but I know gamers, so just look at the pretty dice! (Image ripped from the Kickstarter page — I hope they don’t mind.)

Actually, I say “trying to get funded”, but they have now passed the 200% funding mark with (as I type this) 9 days to go, so we’re well away and chugging happily through the stretch goals which means that the pile of swag due to arrive next summer (yeah, that’s the biggest problem here!) is steadily getting bigger and shinier. I mean, they’re doing a colouring book, which is something that had Miss B giggling with excitement.

So sorry for mentioning this again, but we’re pretty excited around here about this project and, from an entirely mercenary point of view, would love it if our game sets arrived with extra adventures and cards, and with the books in hardcover.

Oh, and if you looked at the project page previously but haven’t done for a while, it may be worth a look. They’ve been adding more preview material and other updates every day or two, so there’s loads to feast your eyes on.

And as for the dice…

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