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But penguins can swim. Why don’t they just swim?

September 11, 2012

A cute little game is Hey, That’s My Fish!, with tiles depicting fish piled up on ice floes, and little model penguins who run and slide around the place collecting the fish. Who could resist that? Not me, anyway.

The blue penguins seem to have more space but it’s slippery stuff, this ice.

So the big thing in the game is as you collect fish, you remove the tiles (and add them to your score pile), so the playing area gets steadily eaten away and the options for each penguin get reduced. You have four penguins each in a two player game (this goes down to three or two in three and four player games respectively). So you can get them to team up to gather the most fish while trying to isolate the opponents.

We played this for a few turns, then realised that (a) Miss B hadn’t initially understood what she was doing and had got herself into a tight spot (not a fun place to be on your first game), and (b) that I had forgotten that penguins could move more than one space at a time. I’m quite happy to call a do-over after a few turns of learning a game, so we reset the tiles and started again and had a pretty decent game of it.

We weren’t far into the game when Miss B pointed out the thematic slip from the designer of the game: penguins are very fine swimmers and can jump out of the water, so if they get stuck on an ice floe, why don’t they just swim to another one. The only answer I could think of was that perhaps the penguins have agreed that these are the rules of the game and they don’t mind. Either that or there’s an orca ready to nab any penguin on a small enough bit of ice — though that doesn’t really work with the fact that you keep the fish you have gathered to that point. Still, this is an issue that Miss B hasn’t quite been able to let go of, so it just goes to show that even a fun game (and this is a good, fun game) can really come a-cropper if there is a thematic howler in there.

We’ve had a couple of games now and our latest one was a nice, narrow win for Miss B. That’s always good for morale.

The verdict from Miss B (aged 5¾): “Hey,that’s my fish!was 10 out of 10.it was beter when we foundout that we could slide.it was really good.missb wrote this”

The game: Hey, That’s My Fish! (Fantasy Flight), 2 to 4 games aged 8+.

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