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The latest from Storm Hollow

September 5, 2012

You may remember we previously had a go at a playtest version of a game called Story Realms and I said I’d provide updates. Well, here’s an update.

A few days ago, Story Realms got launched on Kickstarter with a juicy range of products you can get for your pledges. Please go and take a look and see if it seems to be something you’d like to support. I’m certainly impressed and want one.  And at the rate they are going it looks like they’ll meet their funding target within the next couple of days, so fingers crossed for those stretch goals.  🙂

The biggest disappointment has to be that we’ll have to wait until next summer to get our grubby hands on the finished product but I guess that means they aren’t rushing this out. Plus in the meantime, we have a couple more playtest scenarios to play through. Time for me to get cutting those cards out…

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