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2012 Golden Thingummy Award: The Final

September 4, 2012

I feel there ought to be some sort of fanfare as we approach the culmination of this year’s Golden Thingummy award, this time mere weeks after the beginning of the process (unlike last time!). So, in the red corner we have the delightfully devious deck-builder, Dominion, weighing in at an impressing 500-ish cards. And in the blue corner we have the rollocking and rambunctious Robo Rally, weighing in at six play boards, eight metal miniatures and a heap of cards and counters.

A moat *inside* the throne room? Who’d have thought?

So, seconds out for the gold medal bout…

Our first game of the day was Dominion. Miss B selected the kingdom cards while I made tea. The tableau was layed out, we drew our initial hands and off we went.

This was again a pretty good game. I decided to experiment with just using a couple of kingdom cards (Bureaucrat and Remodel, if you are interested) though I did pick up a couple of other cards later to help cycle through the deck. Miss B was doing nicely largely with Throne Rooms and spies plus some other card drawing actions. Scoring was fairly even through most of the game until the last couple of rounds when I had some good draws while Miss B floundered a bit and I think the game was actually a lot closer than the 16 point gap would have suggested.

Miss B was a bit down over the final scores (our previous game had been much closer) and said it was a bad game this time even though she still thinks it is usually good.

Maybe if we back up here…

The cards all sorted and put away we had a short break with drinks and snacks before getting our next game out.

I suggested we used two boards again for Robo Rally, which Miss B readily agreed with and chose the two we would use and fitted them together in the middle of the table. She also decided that this should be a three flag race in order to make the game a bit longer, so she set up the flags too (with me suggesting general vicinities for their location).

The game went reasonably well. I took a “pretty route”, partly because I fancied surfing conveyor belts and partly because of the cards I had. The rules we were playing were massively cut down: no lasers, no options and Miss B was allowed to program as many (or as few) register phases at a time as she liked, and could change them when the phase came up. To her credit, Miss B usually programmed at least four of the five phases each turn (wanting to reserve her last card until later) and quite often stuck to her choices — though there were a few panics and quick swaps of cards. She was doing well until she got snarled up in a corner somehow which meant that I won this game by a fair way too.

The shared gold medal. (Picture taken by Miss B.)

Here is Miss B’s assessment, typed by her own fair hands with a little advice over spelling: “Dominion was 10 out of 20 marks so was robo rally in this years competition but was not as good as last time 🙂 They both won the medal.what game do you think is going to win next year? Missb wrote this.

So there we have it: the 2012 Golden Thingummy Award is a draw between Robo Rally and Dominion. I hadn’t expected that. Righto then, I expect we’ll try this again next year.

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