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I think Thucydides missed this bit

September 1, 2012

A recent acquisition, Hellas is the most “wargamey” game I have yet played with Miss B. It’s part of the Kosmos range of 2-player games and features exploring the world by drawing and placing nice looking hexagon tiles which feature sea and islands, and using your Greeks and ships (represented by nice-ish models, though the Greeks fall over a lot) to expand and conquer your opponent. You can also invoke the help of the gods (by playing cards) which will allow bonuses, extra moves and so on.

And the voyage takes us to…

We didn’t manage to finish the game, unfortunately. We were both within a couple of points of winning but the process of warfare proved to be rather less than fun for Miss B. I’m sure there are options for house ruling ourselves a new game based on Hellas that would be more fun, but I expect that won’t happen for the time being. The voyaging and exploring parts of the game were just fine, but the combat was definitely not.

This is probably our real failure. I picked up the game because I like the concept of Hellenic-era island-hopping war and it looked like it would tick some boxes for me. I hoped Miss B would get on with it, but figured that it should be at least a decent addition to the collection for me. This was definitely a risky exercise as we haven’t played games with quite such direct fighting between players before (wait, no, correction: apart from Magic) and, based on this, we’ll probably mostly avoid that for a bit longer. That said, I think I saw enough of the game to decide that it was a reasonable purchase for myself. I’m looking forward to some adult play on this one.

The verdict from Miss B (aged 5½): “It was a bit too fiddly and I didn’t like how it worked out.”

The game: Hellas (Kosmos/Rio Grande), 2 players aged 12+.

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