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2012 Golden Thingummy Award: Second Game-Off

August 28, 2012

So, our next two contenders for this year’s award are, as I’m sure you remember, Robo Rally and Citadels.  Once again two very different games.  And first up…

Forward one. Now do I need to rotate left or right?

Robo Rally is a great, chaotic game with a heap of players, but it’s just the two of us and Miss B and I have only previously played it once together.  She is very much in love with the little robot miniatures, particularly Twonky, the one that looks like a walking TV set (a nice one, not a malicious one like Evil Edna).  The game can be, however, pretty tricky even for adults due to the need to plan moves five steps ahead, which can lead to hilarious results when robots get in each other’s way.  To make this manageable we didn’t use option cards or lasers and allowed Miss B to program each phase of the turn as it came up (with me programming all five phases as usual).

To Miss B’s credit, after the first few turns she started trying to program the full turn in the same way as I did.  We agreed that she could change her programmed cards later if she needed to, but most of the time she didn’t, as it turned out.  We also set up a pretty simple route across two boards which required a little interaction with conveyors but nothing too confusing (though I elected to surf around on conveyors to demonstrate how they worked and also to have more fun.

For my money, two-player Robo Rally with a lot of the juicy bits removed isn’t the most thrilling game ever, but it’s a bit of a giggle and as it happened we had the perfect close finish with us both reaching the finish line on the same register phase.  Miss B’s thoughts on the game (transcribed from a bit of paper she wrote on): “I like it Becos it was very very very close.”

Three gold to buy something new and shiny…

We have a lot more experience with playing Citadels and have a lot of fun with drafting the characters each turn (with two or three players you get two characters to use and this opens up all sorts of possibilities that aren’t really there in bigger games).  So off we went…

We both had some good runs of play in this game, with Miss B managing to keep the crown through most of the game. She even managed to find a couple of ways to ensure she had plenty of district cards which meant that at the end she was able to start playing quite a few cards and complete the spread of different colours. Unfortunately I managed to end the game by getting an eighth district, probably only a turn before she would have done the same (judging by the cards she had in hand at the end). So the game was actually pretty close, even though the final score was rather less so.

By this time it was quite late in the day and Miss B wasn’t happy with the end of the game. She said she did still really like the game in general, but: “I was very Dicaponted with How it EnDeD.” (Again, she wrote this down for me.)

So which is the winner? My choice from these two would certainly be Citadels, but this time Miss B’s experience was better with Robo Rally, so that is the game that she has chosen to go forward to the final. Coming up soon, then, Robo Rally versus Dominion for this year’s Golden Thingummy Award…

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