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Gaming in July

August 9, 2012

Well, I said I would record the games we played in July, and it turns out we played quite a lot during the month: 22 different games, I make it, most of which we only played on one or two occasions, although a few were played a couple of times in one sitting. It is also worth noting that Miss B chose what we would play the vast majority of times (out of 39 choices, I only made 7).

The most played game of the month was Sleeping Queens, chosen four times by Miss B, and played for a total of six games.

Chosen three times each were Coloretto, Loot and Pick Up Sticks, the only one of which I chose at all was one session of Coloretto (and this was also the only of these games that had a session of two games).

If truth be told, I think that I subconsciously changed the way we arranged our gaming. I am sure that in previous months I had chosen a much greater proportion of our games. As in so many things, the act of making an observation changes that which you observe.

Still, I think this change (if change there is) is good for two reasons. Firstly, it means that I am taking a less controlling role in our gaming, and secondly it shows the enthusiasm Miss B is developing for a wide variety of games.

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