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Look, the hand is the same size as my hand!

July 5, 2012

You remember a couple of posts back I mentioned the range of Kosmos two-player games, well, this is another one. Kahuna is a cute little strategy game based on building magical bridges in a South Sea archipelago. It’s a decent little game and Miss B requested to play it right after our couple of games of Clans, as previously reported.

I’m sorry, but this really is a bridge to Faaa.

This was another game that went remarkably well given that it is actually a pretty abstract strategy game where you need to be working on a big picture as well as dealing with the little details. Miss B did get fixated for several turns on the possibility of removing a particular bridge, if only she could get hold of the right card to go with the one she had in hand. I needed to look at her hands and make suggestions on quite a few occasions, particularly when the board had got very full later in the game.

While we had fun with this (and finished with me only one point ahead), I think we probably won’t be playing this as much as some of the other games we’ve tried recently. In a year or two, I think Miss B will get a lot more out of it. But we’ll just have to see how we do on requests to play. I may well be surprised — as I often am!

The verdict from Miss B (aged 5½): “It was good because I liked it being close.”

The game: Kahuna (Kosmos), 2 players aged 10+.

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