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The boardgaming web

June 23, 2012

So where do you go for information on boardgames?  Well, generally there is one answer:

Board Game Geek is the most comprehensive database of information on board games (and card games, dice games, etc.) that I have come across.  I have never tried looking up a game and failed to find it there.  This is a positively awesome resource, with images, rules, reviews and very active forums covering all aspects of board (and similar) gaming.  The downside is that it can feel pretty jumbled, largely because of the sheer quantity of stuff there.  But apart from that, it is the boardgaming site.


More recently we have gained BoardGaming.com which is much newer and has much less stuff there (and almost certainly always will), but is a true thing of beauty, having been built by people who care about appearance and ease of use.  Plenty of the Board Game Geek functionality isn’t there, but it is (comparatively) so easy to navigate and find reviews and comments on games.  Plus, the big bit of fun is The Game.  They have “gamified” the whole site, so you get experience and rewards for just about everything you do there, which can be a surprising amount of fun.  The community isn’t up to the “other site” yet, but it is building very nicely.

I enjoy visiting both sites and recommend them each for their own virtues.

Incidentally, if you decide to get an account on BoardGaming.com, please do it by clicking on this link  and, if you stick around and get to level 1, I get some credit in-game.  ;o)  [Update: I forgot to add that you need to type in the “beta registration code” when you sign up.  This is 849356.]

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