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Kids in the Dice Tower

June 15, 2012

I was listening to the latest Dice Tower podcast earlier, and there was a short section when they were discussing parents playing games with kids.  Tom made a very good point there about how many of us glibly joke about how we’re just working on getting ourselves a new gaming partner, but what it is really about is doing something fun that the child enjoys.

My motivations for playing all these games with Miss B are partly that I want to play games more often, sure, but it’s also that it’s really great to be doing things with her that we both really enjoy.  I think board and card games are a great social tool, providing a framework for a shared experience with either some low-stakes competition or room for teamwork (I’ve got a few more cooperative games on my wish list too — need to save up for Defenders of the Realm!).  Plus, from an educational side, the need to read, think, plan, reason, occasionally do maths, and so on, is all great stuff.

On the podcast, Tom warns against bragging about things like, “Hey, my kid was playing Twilight Imperium by the age of 4”, and I must admit that I occasionally wonder if I’m straying into that sort of territory with this blog, but hopefully I’m managing to stick to having some fun with my daughter.

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