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So man is the deadliest? What about ladies?

May 19, 2012

This is a bit of a departure from the usual “proper games” brief, as this is very much a kids’ game.  I remember playing a lot of Top Trumps at primary school, it actually being a pretty nerdy game which pays you to learn all sorts of statistics (some real, some imaginary) about whatever the theme of the deck is.  When I was a youngun, our decks were about tractors, lorries, tanks, and stuff like that.  Miss B and I have a “Deadliest Predators” deck, so we can pretend we are learning useful information about the natural world.

As expected, Miss B took to this pretty quickly and the game shifted backwards and forwards — her big moment of glory (and happy dancing) came when I smugly called weight with my 2-tonne great white shark only to be smacked down by her killer whale.  Darn it!

Probably the biggest problem for us with this particular deck was that the “weight” statistic is in kilogrammes and has a number of sub-kilo beasties, with the weight expressed in decimals.  That’s a bit of maths way ahead of any 5-year-old I’ve met, but Miss B cottoned on to the idea that numbers with a zero and a dot at the start are less than one and she shouldn’t try calling that as her chosen stat as she would probably lose.

After playing this, S and I went out for the evening.  When we came back, the babysitter told us that they had been playing Top Trumps again until bed time.  I guess that means Miss B likes it.

The verdict from Miss B (aged 5¼): “I liked it but I don’t know why.”  Not the first time we’ve had a verdict like that.  When pressed, she said she really liked finding out about the animals.

The game: Top Trumps “Deadliest Predators” (Winning Moves), for some players, aged… umm, it didn’t say.

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