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Yay! More bricks!

April 22, 2012

It’s time for one of the biggies: the Settlers of Catan. Actually, I think Miss B would struggle greatly with the full game, so a simplified version is in order, so enter Kindercatan, a variant aimed at providing the bones of the full game with not-completely-trivial gameplay that a four-year-old could enjoy.KinderCatan

Well, I can’t speak for a four-year-old, but the five-year-old and I thoroughly enjoyed the game. We were actually using a brand new set, so had all the tiles and counters to pop out, which was fun but meant we took a long time setting up, alongside a lot of questions about what all the bits were for. I made a minor mistake with the setup (due to having only printed out a black and white version of the rules), but that didn’t seem to cause any problems.

Kindercatan definitely introduces some of the core concepts of the game in an easy way and Miss B was soon completely comfortable with resource production, trading with the bank (there isn’t really much room for trading between players) and building stuff, and in a very close finish she won the game. We’ll definitely be playing this again and I don’t think it will be far down the line before we play the full game.

The verdict from Miss B (age 5¼): “I liked it but I don’t know why I liked it.”

The game: “Kindercatan” variant of Settlers of Catan (Mayfair Games), normally 3 to 4 players aged 10+.

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