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Golden Thingummy Awards 2011: The Winner

December 31, 2011 Comments off

Ho hum, I’ve just not got around to updating this blog for rather a long time now, and in particular I have been sitting on this post for ages.  But as it was intended to be a 2011 award, I guess I’d better at least post it while the year is still current.

Okay, so we had our two final games together in a head-to-head game-off: Ghost Party and Enchanted Forest…

It was decided to play ghost party first and, as usual, the game was a lot of fun.  Miss B insisted on coming up with names for all the characters at the party, and there was lots of squeaky excitement every time Hugo the ghost moved — and particularly when he caught someone (“my human friend is having a ride”).

Enchanted forest took rather longer to play.  B loves the theme, and generally has fun with the mechanic, but seems to have trouble with the way it can take a long time to gather enough information to visit the king, and can get frustrated with forgetting where things are.  As can I, to be perfectly honest.

So, based on this play-through, I would choose Ghost Party as the winner.  But then again, it is not my choice.  Over to Miss B to choose the winner of the 2011 Golden Thingummy Award…

And the winner is…

Enchanted Forest!

Congratulations to a fine family game that I’m sure we will playing quite often over the coming years.  And I expect it will be enjoyed more as Miss B gains in patience.