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Golden Thingummy Award 2011: the semi-finals

September 13, 2011 Comments off

So, it’s been a little while but I’ve finally got around to writing this up. Anyway, back at the awards selection process, Miss B chose two pairs of the candidate games to play back-to back for comparison, and so here we have the semi-final round…

Match-up 1: Loot versus Ghost Party.

I’ve said it before: I like Loot. We both have fun playing this using the full ruleset and with the help of Miss B’s card holder device it now plays pretty smoothly with me only occasionally having to advise her on appropriate cards to play. However, Ghost Party is some stiff opposition. We still drop any requirements for exact die rolls and don’t bother scoring, and with that set up this is an all-round fun way to spend 10 minutes or so. I think going into this match-up I always knew which Miss B would choose: Ghost Party. “Because that game is the best I’ve ever played. It doesn’t even matter if you get caught on the stairs.” The judge has spoken.

Match-up 2: Enchanted Forest versus Shave a Sheep.

I figured this would be a closer run one. Enchanted Forest is a damn good family game with kids often outstripping their parents in memory skills, a good set of mechanics and a charming theme; we played this with 2 dice, 2 treasures at a time, no exact numbers required, and magic being an unlimited teleport. Shave a Sheep has the advantage of being much quicker to play and having goofy Lego sheep and wolf figures. Win all round. After playing, the decision went to Enchanted Forest, “Even though it’s longer. I don’t mind if I guess wrong.”

So, entering the grand final we have Ghost Party and Enchanted Forest. I know which I would vote for, but I don’t make the final decision. In an attempt to spin this out a little longer, the final result and the announcement of the 2011 Golden Thingummy Award will be covered in a later post. Can you stand the suspense…?