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Even bigger than a gigantosaurus?

July 25, 2011

I’ve been talking about this for some time, and this being the first Monday since Miss B’s preschool ended for the summer I figured it was a good opportunity to go for it (for the last 4 years I have been an all-day dad on Mondays instead of paid work, which has been a brilliant experience).  So we took a train into London with the intention of seeing dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum.Miss B meets Dippy

We finally arrived, despite having to take a longer route around the underground due to part of the Circle & District lines being closed, but we finally arrived to be greeted by a huge queue. Luckily, one of the museum staff came around a few minutes later and said that we had about a 45 minute wait from where we were, but if we went round the corner there was no queue at the side door.  A few minutes later we were in!

I don’t remember ever having been to the NHM before, so this was as much a treat for me as for B, and we weaved our way around the building until we found our way to the glorious Blue Zone and the fossils and other excitement contained therein.  Pretty soon we reached the main dinosaur gallery (just reopened after a few weeks of cleaning) and trailed around amongst hordes of other visitors over the raised walkway, down the slope past the life-size animatronic tyrannosaurus, and then were watching 3D virtual worlds and trying to spot the tricerotops trundling between the trees.

Basically, we loved it.  A classic father-daughter geek-out.  OK, B was terrified by the animatronic rex, but she talked about it incessantly for ages afterwards and made sure I took photos.  And the joy of discovering that dinosaurs aren’t in fact the biggest things ever, and seeing the enormity of the model blue whale was a great experience.  I’m sure we’ll be going back some time as we barely scratched the surface of what was there.

Next time I’ll be back to games and stuff, but I just wanted to ramble on about a bit of fun for a while.

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