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Do you want a ride in my helicopter?

July 18, 2011

I first heard about Forbidden Island from a Geekdad review. It’s a nice sounding, nice looking cooperative game, and looked intriguing, so some time later I went and bought a copy to try out.

Miss B thoroughly enjoyed laying the tiles out to make the board.  In fact, it occurs to me that there is some good opportunity to allow for creativity and let her put the map together however she wants instead of using the regulation layout.  Maybe next time.  The four treasures have a great look and feel to them and the illustrations on the tiles were a great topic of conversation, so even before starting play we were on to a winner.

I’m not sure Miss B really got to grips with the game mechanics, but the nature of the game (fully cooperative, with all cards visible on the table) meant that I could advise as much as she liked, which in general meant that I would suggest a couple of things to do and she would choose one of them.  She was playing the pilot character and loved the idea of being able to fly anywhere and give people rides — this was helped by the fact that she ended up getting all the helicopter lift cards.  The only simplification we made was to allow cards to be traded anywhere, not just when pieces were in the same location.

I really like what I have seen of this game so far.  It’s a lot of fun as a sort of semi-roleplay game, though I’m sure it would get a lot better with four players.  Miss B certainly seemed to like it, so we’ll be playing again.  So, over to management for the official word…

The verdict from Miss B (aged 4½): “This game was excellent because both of us won the game. My favourite bit was how the island sinked and I loved it because we escaped on a helicopter.”

The game: Forbidden Island (Gamewright), 2 to 4 players, aged 10+.

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