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Four pairs of horses, three piles of food, two bags of gold and a highwayman!

May 12, 2011

Another game of varying names, we have Highwayman, which is also known as Stake Your Claim, a name which I think fits the artwork (and gameplay) rather better. You have piles of treasure and other goodies which you try to claim either from the middle or by stealing from other players. Not entirely ethical, but fun for a quick game.

The rules we have suggest two different variant games.  The two-player version seems a bit trivial to me, so we went with the standard game, the only tweak being that Miss B had her hand of cards on the table as she found it a bit tricky to hold them.

We’ve played this a couple of times now and it’s gone down well each time.  Miss B is sometimes a bit more interested in the pictures on the cards than anything else (“You can have the house, I don’t want it” versus “Give me back my horses! They’re mine!”), but that’s not entirely surprising.  We’ll do better when she can hold the cards in her hand, as more stuff spread out on the table confuses things at times. (Although now I come to think of it, a card stand device might be a good little project.)

Incidentally, we have developed a fun way of counting up scores in our games where you see who has collected the most treasures.  We discard our treasures together, one at a time, counting as we do so.  Eventually one of us runs out of treasure and the other is the winner (having completed the count, of course).

The verdict from Miss B (aged 4¼ and a bit): “I liked it. It was gooder than the others. Because it was good when we took things and then stole them back.”  I think we may need to have a discussion about property and theft.

The game: Highwayman (Ravensburger), 2 to 6 players, age 6+.

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