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Ten fingers and an indeterminate number of tentacles…

May 5, 2011

“Cthulhu wants to watch,” she says.  Fair enough.  I guess it’s no harder to explain the rules of a game to a plush great old one than to a four year old.

So the game this time is Tot Ten, which is unashamedly an educational game. Make the rows, columns or leading diagonals add up to ten to win points. Miss B is just getting the hang of adding and subtracting with her fingers, so it seemed we may have a chance with this.

I wasn’t really playing the game this time: my role was mostly putting counters on the board to give Miss B options, though where there were obvious rows to complete I did take a few, just to keep things spicy.  Each time it came to Miss B’s turn we located all the lines of three numbers and worked out what number was required to complete it.  I was very pleased that B worked out a simple method for figuring this out: counting up the existing numbers on her fingers then the number of folded fingers was the number required to complete the line.  That was all her own work, figuring that out.  I’m very proud!

Verdict from Miss B (aged 4¼): “Yay yay yay! I liked it that we can take them off when they add up to ten.”  I wasn’t expecting this to go down with quite such enthusiasm, but then Miss B is really getting into the idea of sums at the moment.  We’ll play this again, though I’m not sure Cthulhu will be invited again: he didn’t add much to the conversation.

The game: Tot Ten (Spear’s Games), 2 to 6 players, age 6+.

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