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Nur ne nur nur, ghosts don’t scare me… Eek!

April 11, 2011

Our version is called Ghost Party, but other folks have Midnight Party. It’s all the same, give or take a rebranding or two. Either way this used to be a popular little game towards the end of a long evening of gaming, or as an intermission between a couple of more serious games. One of those “not just for kids” things. There are a few like that in the Ravensberger range.

Miss B moves Hugo the Ghost
We simplified the game a little by not requiring exact numbers to enter the “bonus” rooms and simply not bothering with the scoring: the winner was the person with the least people captured by Hugo.  Two rounds of this and we won one each, which seems fair.

As expected, the major exciting points of the game were when Hugo moved and grobbled people.  In our second game, we went a very long time before Hugo even progressed from the bottom step and Miss B theorised that he was having a rest.  So we made our people walk past the top of the stairs taunting him, “Nur nur, you can’t catch us!”  That seemed to do the trick.  For some reason Miss B also kept forgetting which colour people she was playing, and occasionally we had space counting issues, but otherwise it all went fairly smoothly.  I think, however, this would have been a lot more fun with more than just the two of us.  Next time we will rope in Mummy.

The verdict from Miss B (aged 4¼): “I liked it because I loved the bit with people chasing around. I liked the bit when Hugo getted my four blue ones.” Rose tinted hindsight there — there were almost tears at the time!

The game: Ghost Party (Ravensberger), 2 to 8 players, age 8+.

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