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It’s a combination of selfishness and parenting, really

April 5, 2011

At school I played a lot of roleplaying games and a few boardgames.  By the time I reached my twenties I played a lot of boardgames and a few roleplaying games.  Then I hit my thirties, finally settled into a proper job (you mean working in a games shop isn’t a proper job?) and started mixing in different circles, in a different part of the world, and the whole gaming thing became a lower priority.  Now I’m even older.

I have a wife whom I love dearly who, frankly, isn’t that interested in games (though she does go off to roleplay with friends sometimes).  Now and then we play a traditional card game, or backgammon, or similar, and that is fun, but sometimes I have an urge for El Grande, Civilization, Carcasonne, Acquire, and that sort of thing.

So now we have a daughter, little Miss B.  Actually we’ve had her for a while, as she passed the four mark a few months back.  Despite being very girly in some ways and fixated on pink things, she also loves pirates, robots and space, and is becoming quite a monster at dominoes.

So, thinks I, can we do a little better in her education than the usual rounds of Shopping List, Tummy Ache, and the like?  I don’t want to take anything away from those games — they are great in their own way — but they are far more fun for the kids than for the adults.  Dominoes is a good start, but there must be some more in all those boxes piled on top of (and in, under and near) the cupboard that can be either played as-is, or at least simplified to provide a decent gaming experience for all.

I finally had a go at this today, taking a straightforward two player game, stripping out all but the basics and it went brilliantly.  As a result I am slightly inspired to blog about this.  It’s likely to be somewhat irregular, but perhaps the act of writing up the experience might encourage me to keep going.  We’ll see…

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